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         Luwero district is one of the districts in Uganda which was affected by the war of 1980- 1986


The war left over 8000 children displaced and without parents.

 However, those who survived the war, did not survive the HIV/AIDS scourge, which further worsened the situation and many parents died.  Children were left under the care of elderly grandparents and young people, thus a common phenomenon.

 Because of the tradition failure to look after the children, increased the number of children into town streets Sexually abused and young girls left for early marriage, boys go for petty work while others join bad gangs and this  make them end in is against this back ground that Children Alive Development Organization was founded to help and rescue these innocent suffering children and make abridge of hope for their bright future.

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Did you know!

That Jesus was concerned for children we are to be like him?

Mark 10:13-14