Children Alive Development Organization

About Us

Children Alive Development Organization- CADO is a non government  Child development Community Based organization, which was established in April 2005 and officially launched on 17 march 2006, with the aim of upholding the sanctity of human life by meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children, women, men and generally people facing welfare problems through a participatory approach with the grass root communities, to ensure that they have improved livelihoods.  

 Since 2005, Children Alive Development Organization CADO meet the needs of people who are victims of poverty, disease, war, and famine in Luwero Triangle with the purpose of sharing God’s Love through His Son Jesus Christ. The Organization serves the church, Community and District wide to promote the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and development to children, youth and their families. we strive to make the community to become self-reliance able to meet their needs through community development projects. CADO has supported many children with basic needs in various sectors. here below children have got mosquito nets and blankets from CADO health program.

 Orphans with blankets and mosquito nets given to them From Children Alive Development Organization.

Hands Of Mercy Project

 Our vision

Self-reliant communities regardless of status.          to be a strategic partner with churches, communities,     individuals, Donors, sponsors and ministries in a global effort to ensure the opportunity for all children and their families and youth to be Economically empowered, evangelized and disciple in Christ.  

 Our Mission

To empower the orphaned, other vulnerable children, their families and communities they live in through physical and spiritual support.,equipping them to be come productive and self sufficient through evangelism, education, health care, training, and accommodation 

Our values.

We will glorify God and serve the body of Christ by committing our selves to these values:-

·       We treat all people as created and loved by God.

·       We maintain a servant heart in all we do.

·       We manage God’s resources with faithfulness and    integrity

·       We pursue excellence as unto the Lord.


In pursuit to fulfill and accomplish our Mission, aim and purpose of existence, CADO has strategic objectives through which programs are carried.


Our objectives.

  1. To enhance the social economic status of families supporting orphans and vulnerable children through income generating projects.
  2. To build and strengthen community capacities for self- reliance.
  3. To offer psychosocial support to orphans and other vulnerable children.
  4. To offer care and support to people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.