Children Alive Development Organization

AIDS care and Support for Orphans

The HIV/AIDS Pandemic is a major root cause of child poverty.HIV related death account for a bout 50% of the orphans in Uganda,where one in four households hosts at least one orphan.this shows that children are greatly affected by the HIV scourge.As result of the HIV/AIDS scourge,Uganda rural is a dwelling place for AIDS Orphans,Just like any other needy people,these orphans have always craved for education and other basics.many children have been orphaned due civil wars and the deadly killer disease HIV/AIDS which has left many child Uganda were the sign shows decline, the number of orphans is growing every day and this led them to streets and young girls are sexually abused while boys leave for petty work for survival. Luwero District is one of the district which affected by the long civil war of 1980-1986. many people lost their lives to the war and children were displaced and left  orphaned. The Adults those who survived the war, did not survive the deadly Disease AIDS. this worsened the situation and increasing the number of HIV/AIDS Orphans in the district.



 Though statics shows that there is a decline in HIV/AIDS Prevalence in Uganda, but the number of orphans is increasing. As a result of this many children are missing the social services such as education.Luwero district has got the biggest number of AIDS orphans who are not at school.many of them are involved in community work to earn leaving and young girls are sexually Exploited. 

Children Alive Development Organization-CADO in partnership with the local communities,and local leaders  in identifying and registering and supporting the orphaned children.