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 HIV/AIDS in Uganda

Uganda is at the heart of the sub-saharan HIV/AIDS pandemic. An estimated 25.4 million people are living with HIV and approximately 3.1 million new infections occurred in 2004. In 2004, an estimated 2.3 million people lost their lives to the disease. Uganda is home to more than 1 million AIDS orphans. Widowed mothers and elderly widowed grandmothers are the predominant heads of households. (

HIV/AIDS results in a progressive depletion of the immune system leading to immune deficiency. The weakened immune system is vulnerable to secondary diseases. Access to medical care is nonexistent for many Ugandans where almost half the population lives in absolute poverty. (

The HIV/AIDS Pandemic is a major root cause of child poverty.HIV related death account for a bout 50% of the orphans in Uganda,where one in four households hosts at least one orphan.this shows that children are greatly affected by the HIV scourge.give a hand and bring hope into their Lives.

Education for orphans
As result of the HIV/AIDS scourge,Uganda rural is a dwelling place for AIDS Orphans,Just like any other needy people,these orphans have always craved for education and other basics.
It is out of this that, Children Alive Development Organization-CADO offered to give a hand and bring hope into their lives by setting up a children's home called Home of Winners
Get involved and make a difference in one or two children's lives by donating $1a day,$36 a month and$ 360 a year.

The fatality of this epidemic is most profoundly manifested by the extent to which it saps, not only the energy of the victim, but the intrinsic mechanisms that propel a society to progress. Education is such a vital ingredient of a country’s development recipe, as it is known to furnish the tools with which children and young people carve out their lives, and is a lifelong source of comfort, renewal and strength.  Children’s school attendance and enrollment have been severely battered by AIDS, to such an extent that countries like The Central African Republic and Swaziland have reported a drop in school enrollment and attendance of 20%-36%[1], attributed to AIDS and orphan hood.

In Luwero were Children Alive Development Organization-CADO operates, Children are living under poverty line due the death of their parents due to HIV.

Ever since the founding of CADO it has been our dream to start working with community  schools for AIDS orphans and children of AIDS widows, we have reached over 500 children in Luwero district with Education awareness program through a program called Taking back an orphaned child to school.