Children Alive Development Organization


 CADO-Hands of Mercy Uganda Project

When beginning ministry in a new community, Children Alive Development Organization focuses its initial efforts on assessing and providing for the most urgent needs of the children.  In most cases, in destitute communities, the number one most urgent need is for basic necessities—namely food and clothing.  Initial provision distribution includes:

 -provision of mosquito nets and Blankets to the children


  Children with mosquito nets. from CADO Hands of Mercy project In Uganda. Malaria is one the six killer disease which has killed many children aged 7 years old. Donate $10 to buy a mosquito net for the child.

 Rural Children with blanket from CADO.this project is called Hands of Mercy Project. Become member.


 Improving the lives of the poor through poultry farming . This is done through the CADO Hands of Mercy Project

 Subsistence farming is the primary food source for most living in remote villages.  Agricultural practices are often limited to knowledge that has been handed down from former generations.  Children Alive Development Organization desires to not only create farms to meet the needs of children in our Children’s Homes and those attending our schools through a Hands Of Mercy Project, but also provide train local farmers in new and more effective farming techniques to produce higher yields, grow more profitable crops, generate increased income, and ultimately become self-sustainable.

Children Alive Development organization currently has five projects

Zirobwe community water project

 Poultry Project.

Piggery project

Crop growing project

Community housing  project

 We need Donors, sponsors, individuals to stand with us in prayer for the water project. 

 CADO-HANDS OF MERCY Uganda WATER PROJECT for Zirobwe Community.the project cost is $ 3500 to build a protected water spring well for 8643 people.