Children Alive Development Organization

Improving the Rural Housing

Through the Hands Of Mercy Project, CADO Has Improved the housing conditions of the Rural People.

In Luwero District, many people have lost their homes during the war of 1980-1986.Good houses were destroyed and those who escaped the war they did have their houses remaining.when they can back after the war, their couldn't  manage to have back the structures of their formerly destroyed houses. so they remained in poor house structures  constructed out of mad soil, Thatched ones and others sleeping in one small room.

See the housing situation below:

Let us Join hands and rescue the sufferings out of homeless

CADO Hands of Mercy Project.This House was renovated by Children Alive Development Organization

CADO Rural Housing Project

CADO Rural Housing Project.Here CADO has Laid Down foundation for the house of the widow on Left.Donate to help  Improving the Life of this widow.We need $2000 to complete the house.

Donate $2000 to build a  house for one poor rural Family.