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Sponsor a child in Uganda



Kampaire Anita Age 6yrs P.3                               Bumba Dreva Age 8yrs P.3

Kamugisha Francis Age 11yrs  p.6            Kaishaja paisi 8yrs  P.3

Kirabo Elizabeth Age 5yrs p.1                  Maria Sanyu Age 8yrs p.4 

Matama  Milly Age 8yrs p.1                       Mwesigwa Simon Age7yrs p.2

Namantende Patience Age 5yrs P.1                              Nasasira Traver Age 7yrs P.4

Muweha  Gaddafi                                  Omwaka Christina Age 5yrs P.1

Tamale Eddy  Age yrs Top                                       Twesigye  Allan Age 6yrs P.3

Birungi Angel  Age 5yrs  in Class one [p.1]

A major portion of your sponsorship will go towards meeting immediate needs, education and care of your sponsored child, and the balance of the funds are used in development projects, which benefit not only the sponsor child, but also the community as a whole. These projects include income-generation opportunities to encourage self-reliance, water and sanitation projects, a primary health care, community transport initiatives, vocational training and improving education opportunities within communities. It is our belief that holistic and sustainable development of communities in which children live, which facilitates empowerment and self-reliance, is the optimal means for securing a safe, secure and productive future for them.


The primary purpose of the Child Sponsorship Program is to improve the welfare, education and health of children today, and provide hope for their tomorrow.

Sponsoring a child allows them a way out of poverty and into a situation where they can experience lasting change. The monthly sponsorship of the child you select enables us to provide education, food, accommodation and basic health needs.


Breaking the poverty cycle takes more than providing food for today. Some of the sponsorship funds can be used to provide income-generating opportunities.

This means your sponsorships allow families to learn skills that enable them to become self-reliant. This goal of self-reliance is essential for a sustainable community development.

A month $20 per child.

per term  $50

For more information on How to send your donation to your child, please contact the 

Kitaka John at: