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Opportunities Abroad 

GO Short-Term


Join us on a short-term trip and have the most amazing experience of your life. Crossing cultures allows you to experience a new perspective of life and the world in a truly inspiring and wonderful way. It is truly the experience of a lifetime!

Volunteering on short-term gives opportunity for you to make a personal contribution on a global level, to experience hands-on learning about another country and culture, and to exchange ideas with new people and communities you will interact with.

Come and volunteer in schools share your love and skills with the children

Short-term mission is a life-changing experience for you as much as it is for those you are going to help. As you sharing your compassion, enthusiasm, time, skills, and energy you help to make a positive life-changing difference in the lives of many children in our care. Making a difference can be as simple as spending time with orphans, sharing love and affection, sharing stories and doing various activities or teaching English with students of all ages.


 She needs Some one to play with is.


Another important part of volunteering is getting back and getting involved in your own community back home. For some, this will mean raising awareness and advocating for the poor and disadvantaged abroad, or becoming active in social global issues; for others it may mean educating friends and family about the realities of where you volunteered. For everyone, returning home is an opportunity to share the enthusiasm and inspiration of your experience and be a voice for greater social involvement. By sharing your short-term experience with those in your local community and finding ways to integrate what you learned into your daily life, you play an important role in fostering cultural understanding and responsiveness for others to partake in making a difference on a global level – think locally act globally.



Come and be part of this family in Rural. they need your Love, Smile and comfort.


 GO Long-Term

Volunteering abroad is the perfect long-term international volunteer experience, designed with flexibility and individual attention in mind so we can meet your needs and interests. As a cross-cultural long-term volunteer, you’ll work side-by-side with local people organizations, and churches to and help achieve important community goals and objectives.

Come volunteer in helping building a classroom for the poor rural children.Fundraiser. For $ 4000 can build two classrooms for the poor Rural 70 children can have better environment for study

The volunteer work is with carefully selected with diverse programs, all of which are dynamic and inspiring community-led initiatives. These include orphanages, local schools and vocational centres, health clinics and hospitals, home based care for the elderly and those affected with HIV/AIDS, assisting people and children, youth work and other community development projects


 Meet  the typical Uganda Rural Child.They Give a smile but they grief is beyond their control.